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Our Products

We curate a small selection of products that are special to our team and something we grew up eating at festivals and special occasions.  Most of our team grew up in the western Indian state of Maharashtra so our products to date are heavily influenced by the regional cuisine.  We are also passionate about procuring most of the ingredients locally where possible, or sourcing them from known producers in India.

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Shrikhand - Classic

Shrikhand is a traditional western Indian dessert made with thick yogurt (thicker and creamier than commercially available greek yogurt).  This strained yogurt is delicately flavored with spanish saffron, green cardamom and nutmeg.  This is the ‘Classic’ variety of Shrikhand we grew up with in India.

Shrikhand - Fruit & Nut

For the nut lovers in our team we added a blend of nuts and dried fruit to our classic shrikhand. We love this so much, we served this at our own wedding!


Shrikhand - Rose

Carefully infused with the delicate flavor of roses this Shrikhand reminds us of the joy of enjoying this cool, refreshing sweet dessert in the middle of the hot summers in the Indian subcontinent.

Shrikhand - Alphonso Mango

Our Classic Shrikhand enhanced with the flavor of Alphonso Mango - also known as the King of Mangoes in India.



This vegan and gluten-free savory snack is a popular dish in western India.  It is served at festivals, weddings and at chai-time as an everyday evening snack.  A variety of people young and old seem to love it - we are no exception! It has a little bit of something for everyone.  Flattened rice provides the crunch, nuts (peanuts, cashews and dried coconut) make this satisfying and the savory spices really offer a change to the palate as it is had with other sweet snacks and beverages. Eat a small side with a favorite beverage of your choice! Or take it along on your next adventure or road trip!

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